Round Table: The present & future of modern cybersecurity

14 maart 2023
Tijd: 18:00 - 21:00

The global threat landscape is perpetually evolving, with new threats and capabilities filling the niche of those that preceded them. In addition to having a technical perspective, it’s crucial for organizations to have a solid security strategy and clear understanding of the current & future threat landscape that allows them to scale their cybersecurity efforts. So they can be prepared to prevent, detect, and react to the ever-evolving threats they are facing. How can you ensure you’re one step ahead of a cybersecurity threat?

There are three main converging forces regarding cyberthreats: cloud tools and platforms, the many different types of data that they generate, and the need to correlate all of it for analytics. If used correctly and with the right query capabilities data can help identify vulnerabilities and potentially vulnerable devices. Challenges with activities like continuous monitoring, anomaly detection, and identity management suggest some organizations are struggling to get adequate visibility into their data and keep it secure.

Modern security teams are facing many tasks. Organizations need deeper visibility from existing data to build a defense against new attack methodologies. Especially since the latest threats tactics can go undetected. Monitoring and preventing attacks from happening are fundamental. With the current labor shortage, security teams are missing the capacity to continuously analyze data and detect threats. What does the future of your cybersecurity look like? How can AI and machine learning help make your cybersecurity efforts more efficient?

As many organizations face these challenges, we are hosting the Round Table: “The Present & Future Of Modern Cybersecurity”. This knowledge session will be held on Tuesday March 14 from 18.00 till 21.00 hrs. During this session we invite you to discuss with your peers. We would like to help you gain new insights and discover opportunities by sharing knowledge and experiences.


  • What are the most important cybersecurity requirements for your organization?
  • Where do you currently see the biggest challenges of cybersecurity within your organization?
  • What advantages can AI and Machine Learning bring to the future of cybersecurity?

This Round Table is made possible by knowledge partner Elastic. Based on their specific expertise and experience with the discussion topics, they will gladly share their knowledge and experiences with you during the substantive discussion.



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