Round Table “Ransomware – the true cost to businesses”

15 februari 2022
Tijd: 17:30 - 21:00

It is estimated that a business is targeted by a ransomware attack on average every 11 seconds. Dealing with the aftermath of an attack is often complicated and costly, with many targeted organizations experiencing a significant business impact. Research underlines that prevention is the best strategy for managing risks and ensuring an organization does not fall victim. What is the best strategy for preventing ransomware attacks?

Ransomware attacks negatively impact organizations in a variety of ways. Short term consequences include disruption of business operations, inability to access data and costs made through incident response and mitigation efforts. Long term consequences include diminished revenue, loss of key-executives, damage to brand reputation and loss of customers and strategic partners. How do you mitigate the impact from potential ransomware attacks?

Traditional prevention strategies are proving less effective against the threat of modern, multi-stage ransomware. Next-gen ransomware has evolved to better evade standard defenses. When deployed as a component of a targeted attack, adversaries stand a high chance of success against underprepared environments. A behavior-based approach to prevention, detection and response is required for success against ransomware attacks. How do you ensure a future-proof cybersecurity strategy?

Because a lot of organizations are dealing with these challenges, we are organizing the Round Table: “Ransomware – the true cost to businesses”.

This session will be held in English on Tuesday, February 15th from 17.30 till 21.00. During this session we invite you to discuss the topics among your peers. Enabling you to gain new insights and discover opportunities by sharing knowledge and experiences.


  • What are the most important elements in developing a future-proof cybersecurity strategy that prevents ransomware attacks?
  • How do you translate your cybersecurity strategy to all layers of the organization?
  • What are the biggest risks of a ransomware attack for your organization?
  • How do you mitigate the impact from potential ransomware attacks?

This event is made possible thanks to knowledge partner Cybereason. From their specific expertise and experience with the discussion topics, they are happy to share their knowledge and experiences with you during the substantive discussion.



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