Round Table: Cloud security threats: Keep misconfigurations out!

16 juni 2022
Tijd: 17:30 - 21:00

Cloud computing environments are increasingly designed and controlled by infrastructure-as-code (i.e. Terraform), containers, and Kubernetes. For Cloud and security teams this means more potential security issues, containers and Cloud resources that must be designed. Yet, most developers are security-aware but no experts about Cloud security. Besides, many developers use Open-Source software, hereby the consequences lie that there is always a risk for Cloud deployments. Nevertheless, organizations are not aware what potential security breaches are hiding there. What impact do Cloud deployments have on security? And how can your organization secure the Cloud Environment? Do your developers know what kind of Open-Source Software they are using? And how can one minimalize the risks?

Spotting Cloud Security issues and misconfigurations earlier in the design process is important. Nevertheless, each organizations wants to increase the velocity of Cloud deployments. However, do
to lack of experience spotting Cloud Security issues is not something that happens naturally. Open-Source packages contain two kinds of dependencies; direct and transitive, but how can developers know what hazards are hidden in there?

Moreover, it is often unclear who is responsible for application security and who designs and configurates containers inside the organization. Not only, does this asks for an increasing need for
developer-friendly approaches that help identity security issues in code, it also asks for SCA (Software Composition Analysis) that can kind and fix diverse vulnerabilities before Cloud deployment

Because many organizations face these challenges, we are hosting the Round Table: Cloud security threats: Keep misconfigurations out!

This knowledge session will be held on  Thursday, June 16, 2022 from 17.30 till 21.00 pm. During this session we invite you to spar and discuss with your peers. We would like t help you gain new insights and discover opportunities by sharing knowledge.


  • What impact do Cloud deployments have on security? And do developers know what the risks are regarding Open-Source Software?
  • How could one secure the Cloud Environment? And what kind of SCA tools match the needs of the organization?
  •  Who is responsible for cloud misconfigurations? And is there enough experience to identity vulnerabilities?

This Round Table is co-sponsored by our knowledge partner Snyk. From their specific expertise and experience with the dicussion topics, they will be happy to share knowledge and experiences with you during the discussion.

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