Digital Round Table “Rightsizing your cybersecurity posture for the Age of the Remote Workplace”

2 juni 2020
Tijd: 10:00 - 11:30

Organizations around the world are continuing to deal with the major shift of transforming their employees into remote workers. This shift to a work-from-home culture has now been proven and is irreversible as organizations realise the opportunities of a remote workforce that is competitive, productive and most of all, secure. But how do today’s organizations adapt to enable the best of both worlds? VPN is used for remote access, but as VPNs backhaul traffic through a datacenter just to access apps running in the cloud this could mean poor user experience and an increase in MPLS costs. Is adopting a zero trust network access (ZTNA) service the solution?

To make things work organizations have to make sure every connection is fast and secure, no matter how or where users connect or where their applications reside. As most applications are now running in the cloud and users are accessing them from everywhere, organizations no longer have full control of the network and so making network connections run smooth and secure is extremely difficult.

This transformation has created a need for a better approach to remote access. Zero trust security can help your organisation to secure key organisational assets. But how do you eliminate blind spots and minimise the attack surface? And what requirements are needed for remote access in a cloud-first world?

We see a lot of organisations who struggle with this phenomenon. Therefore you are invited to the interactive Digital Round Table session “Rightsizing your Cybersecurity posture for the Age of the Remote Workplace”. The Digital Round Table will be held on Tuesday 2nd of June from 10h00 to 11h30. During this session we invite you to engage and discuss with your peers. We are happy to help you gain new insights and discover opportunities by sharing knowledge and experiences.


  • How well prepared is my organisation for this new normal of a majority remote workforce?
  • What are my greatest concerns today in dealing with remote workforce cybersecurity and how can these be addressed?
  • How do I compete with new entrants on the market who don’t have the overhead costs of legacy architecture?
  • What requirements are needed for remote access in a cloud-first world?
  • How to get started with ZTNA?

This exclusive event is made possible thanks to Zscaler. They will be glad to share their knowledge and expertise with you.



Er zijn geen plaatsen meer voor dit evenement. Als u nog wel inschrijft wordt er contact met u opgenomen indien er plaatsen beschikbaar komen.



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