Round Table “Cloud Security: regain control of security in the cloud”

23 november 2021
Tijd: 10:00 - 13:00

The advantages of the digital transformation are very clear: organizations are now able to innovate faster, launch apps and services quicker than ever and at a fraction of the costs. In doing so, they all use the cloud. Focus is on functionality of the services offered: it has to go fast, it has to look good and work well. There is less attention for the safety aspects of the tool. On this aspect IT, business and security are at a rift. How can you set a strong security posture in the cloud?

Cloud seems to be a safe environment, but is in reality subject to many sophisticated and automated attacks to gain access to data or bitcoin mining. Cloud providers always state their data centers are very secure, but they are only responsible for the security of the cloud. The organization itself is responsible of the security in the cloud. But how do you ensure the security of your data and apps in the cloud? How do you stay GDPR proof? And what about shadow IT?

We see a lot of organizations who struggle with this phenomenon. Therefore you are invited to the interactive Round Table session “Cloud Security: regain control of security ín the cloud”.

The Round Table will be held in English and will take place on Tuesday, the 23rd of November at 10:00 to 13:00. During this invitation-only event for senior executives, we offer peer-to-peer networking opportunities and a roundtable discussion over lunch.


  • How do you handle the dynamic nature of the cloud to not only be compliant, but stay compliant while the environment constantly changes?
  • How do you check for compliancy and best practices across a multi-cloud platform?
  • How do you detect breaches and what do you do when that happens?
  • How do you secure containers and server-less functions?

This event is made possible thanks to knowledge partners Westcon and Check Point. From their specific expertise and experience with the discussion topics, they are happy to share their knowledge and experiences with you during the substantive discussion.


Er zijn geen plaatsen meer voor dit evenement. Als u nog wel inschrijft wordt er contact met u opgenomen indien er plaatsen beschikbaar komen.

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